Astounding high cost? ImplantLinks offers information resources so you can intelligently decide on a right solution within your budget for your dental needs. Many clinics offers free online consultation and low payment plan so you, too, can enjoy better quality of life without breaking the bank.

Dental Implant

Fear of dental surgery? No longer. Today technology advancements such as 3D scan, effective sedation, etc. have allowed invasive surgical procedure such as dental implant to be carried out with high precision, while offering patients comfortable experience, fast recovery time and high success rate.

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Why “Near You”? Be aware that dental implant procedures often require several visits over a period of several months, sometime up to a year, to complete. A specialist in your area will not only offer you reliable long-term care convenience but also save you precious time and repeat travel costs. 

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Dental Implant Cost Explained

Dental implant cost varies on several factors. Examination is often required for your dentist to determine the required procedure(s) for your dental condition, your selected options, … before giving an accurate cost estimation.

The videos below give an overview of what involved in the cost and how you can handle it.

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